Some of you are probably wondering WTF is “hangry”?!? Apparently I get super ugly and angry when I’m hungry, hence “hangry”. It’s true and I’ll accept it!

Why start a blog? I am a renowned foodie (well to my family, friends, coworkers, and a few strangers who happen to be eavesdropping on my conversations hahaha) and I constantly get asked where to eat because let’s face it — I love to eat!  

I’m often labeled a picky eater. Wrong! I eat just about anything from any origin. I just choose to eat substance instead of wasting my taste buds on horrible, bland, mediocre food. I spend countless hours on TripAdvisor researching places to eat. I count on strangers to help feed my hunger…50% of the time they do not let me down. I don’t want to lead you guys astray counting on strangers, especially when you are hungry and then you’ll get HANGRY like me. Enjoy random accounts of my eating journey!