Amalfi Coast – To visit or not to visit?!?

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I contemplated writing about Amalfi Coast because…(wait for it). But I figured you all had the right to know how I feel about this area. I’ve been to Amalfi Coast twice, yes twice in between 5 months and I stayed for three nights each visit. The first time was during December and surprisingly it was […]

Lisbon, One of the Loves of My Life

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Who goes to the same city several times?! As you know, this girl right here, especially if I am in love with it. And I am in love with Lisbon. You would be mad not to be! Granted I’ve only been twice so far…I could go once a year if possible. The first time I […]

Amsterdam, I Just Can’t Get Enough!

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Alright that title may be a bit dramatic, but it’s true. Let me tell you why. I’ve been there three times to date and will most likely go at least twice a year moving forward until I just move there permanently. Yes there is marijuana of all types to endure in various forms and the […]

Dublin: Back at it!

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Yes, I’m back at it in Dublin trying new spots and a few throwbacks! I can’t get enough of this wonderful city for two reasons: my sister lives here and people are just so darn nice. Well except for this one asshole who yelled at me and gave me the finger (or maybe I did […]