Tasting My Way Across the World

Meet Mfonobong

Some of you are probably wondering WTF is “hangry”?!? Apparently I get super ugly and angry when I’m hungry, hence “hangry”. It’s true and I’ll accept it!

Why start a blog? I am a renowned foodie (well to my family, friends, coworkers, and a few strangers who happen to be eavesdropping on my conversations hahaha) and I constantly get asked where to eat because let’s face it — I love to eat! I especially love donuts and burgers, but not together hahaha.

I’m often labeled a picky eater. Wrong! I eat just about anything from any origin. I just choose to eat substance instead of wasting my taste buds on horrible, bland, mediocre food. I spend countless hours on TripAdvisor and other foodie blogs researching places to eat. So yes, I count on strangers to help feed my hunger…50% of the time they do not let me down. I don’t want to lead you astray counting on these same strangers, especially when you are hungry. Why trust me, you say? Because I’ll tell you like it is!

I’m open to suggestions. So if you have been to a fab restaurant that you think I must try, drop me a line no matter where it is.

Enjoy random accounts of my eating journey!