Amalfi Coast – To visit or not to visit?!?

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I contemplated writing about Amalfi Coast because…(wait for it). But I figured you all had the right to know how I feel about this area. I’ve been to Amalfi Coast twice, yes twice in between 5 months and I stayed for three nights each visit. The first time was during December and surprisingly it was […]

Dublin: Back at it!

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Yes, I’m back at it in Dublin trying new spots and a few throwbacks! I can’t get enough of this wonderful city for two reasons: my sister lives here and people are just so darn nice. Well except for this one asshole who yelled at me and gave me the finger (or maybe I did […]

“…New York, New York, New Yoooork…”

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First of all, do not sleep on Brooklyn! I spent one of my 29th birthdays here and it was awesome…right next to the Brooklyn bridge. Of course the usual spots, such as Fifth Avenue, Central Park, East Village, Hell’s Kitchen and Times Square, are still a must see. Oh and let’s not forget about The […]

Baltimore, Oh How I Miss Thee (Food!)

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I’ve had the pleasure of living in Maryland for almost ten years. I tell this story all the time, but I had no idea food outside of Tex-Mex and Nigerian dishes existed until I moved to Baltimore. Hamburger subs, cheeseburger subs, fish subs…it’s like everything came in a large sub roll slathered with grease and […]